How To Get A Scholarship

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What Is A Scholarship?

The Big Picture: it is your key to a better future: new earning potential, new friends and contacts, new horizons for your life. As a financial award to be used for your studies beyond high school it is great because it represents money that never needs to be paid back. Unlike Grants and Financial Aid, the ability to win this award does not depend only on what your income or financial need is. Anyone can win one regardless of how much or how little you and your family might have in terms of financial assets and earning power. The trick is finding the right awards to go after, knowing how and when to apply, and learning to prioritize your time and energy so that your efforts go toward those you have the best chance of winning.

Does it take some work? It definitely does - but you'll be way ahead of the game if you learn to work smart. That's why we're here: to help you work smart so you can win big. Of course scholarships are not the only possible source of help. We cover lots of other resources and opportunities to help you get money for college and career schools.

We know there are many online sites that offer help and information related to money for school (often only after you provide some personal information...). We also know they can be pretty overwhelming with loud headlines, questionable claims and endless lists and databases that can make your head spin. Our goal here is to provide you with clear, honest and actionable information that you can use to accomplish your goals. Here's a fun way to start:

Get Money for School Right Here!

We put reliable information together in useful, easy to understand ways in order to save you time and energy - because you have a lot to do! But first - because we believe strongly in the value of education and we know things are tough out there- we offer you a chance every month to win $100 in direct financial assistance. You don't have to write an essay, you don't have to have a minimum GPA, and we send your award directly to you (because you know best where you need to spend the money, right?). Just register on our site and then sign up in any month when you want a chance to win (which should be every month...). How cool is that? Learn more about it on our Giveaway Guidelines page! And if for any reason you don't want to sign up, all the information on our website is still totally free for you.

More Money for College and Career Schools

Whether you win one of our giveaways or not you will get valuable assistance here so you can pay for school. To learn more and get going on your action plan, start with How To Get A Scholarship. But don't stop there. The federal Department of Education alone awards over $150 billion each year to millions of students through a variety of loans and grants. And there are millions more awarded by individual states, schools, and private foundations. So choose your topic and take a look around our site to learn more. And don't forget to sign up each month for a chance to win $100 to help continue your education!